...of my comfort zone! Yes, even us designers have to push ourselves to try new things and not fall prey to what is easy and known.  To help, I use my own apartments as blank canvases; this week's conundrum...the right wallpaper!

My usual style tends to be quite minimal, with midcentury leanings. But I really wanted to explore a way to use typically feminine visuals and palettes in a way that feels gender neutral. 

Option 1; Aztec. I like the eclectic nature, although it may be a a tad more feminine than I'd like.  

Option 2: Modern Geometric. Loving the darker color palette, but with a statement green wall and not-so-tall ceilings, this may be doing a bit much for the space. 

Option 3: Blue foliage. Gives me the masculine tones I want, but in a traditionally feminine way. Not loving the off-white-kinda-peach background of it though...maybe I'm being anal. 

Option 4: Shades of green foliage. The fluidity of the lines speaks feminine without beating you over the head with it.  The darker tones within almost feel blue, which is what I'm wanting to call out on that side of the room. I am wondering if the green is overkill though. Hmmm...

Decisions! Decisions! What say ye? Do you have a favorite? :)