A detail-rich Brooklyn brownstone gets a signature look.


What would the Cosby show home look like if only Denise lived there? In this 2 bed-flex rental - rich with original details such as floor-to-ceiling built-in mirror and ten-foot ornate doors - we created the perfect marriage of old school charm and urban eclectic chic. Clean lines and selective pops of dramatic color make this apartment feel larger than life. 



Capturing the essence of Harlem in a patio. 


Our client needed to turn their unusually large patio space into an extension of their home for an event. Utilizing existing furniture, we designed multiple entertainment spaces in a budget-friendly way that was both inviting and impressive; allowing for cooking, dining, lounging and gaming - in true Harlem fashion.

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A lofted blank canvas mixes patterns and design styles to create its own vibe.  


For this project, the challenge was to introduce a 'cozy mid century' aesthetic while retaining the clean look of the bright white walls. Mixed materials - including wallpaper as backsplash and nailheads as accent wall features - were added to introduce just the right amount of flair.