DESIGNING A space - whether residential or commercial - can be A VERY PERSONAL THING.



What is NW10? I grew up in Harlesden, a London town located in the post code (read: zip code) NW10 (see what I did there? :)). Life wasn't always great and I never had a space to call my own, so I relied on the surrounding community to give me what my home did not. I learned just how much spaces could impact one's well-being. It's a part of my design ethos, hence the name. 

Why interior design?  I had been developing retail strategies for Fortune 500 brands for years as a marketer; I knew that the experience of design had very real business implications. But the power of environmental design gets lost when applied to our personal spaces. I used my homes - whether owned or rented - as a canvas for creating experiences I could feel. I got hooked at the thrill of creating with purpose. So hooked, in fact, that I pursued a third degree in Interior Design to grow my passion into craft.  The rest is history. 

How small is small? I’ve lived in cities my whole life, so my standard for small may be slightly skewed, but anything under 1000 sq ft. qualifies as small in my opinion.

Who are you IRL(in real life)? In short, an extroverted introvert who loves to laugh, learn new things, and challenge herself to be better than she was the day before.