“Too many creative people live in spaces that are, well…less so.”


Prior to starting NW10 I worked in advertising for over a decade, with some of the most creative talent in the world. I have friends in fashion and film, storytellers and musicians. Tech geeks, entrepreneurs...you get it, I keep creative company. And yet, their creativity doesn't always translate to their interior design choices. 

Which is where NW10 comes in. 

Because what I do best is translate clients’ version of creativity into interiors that actually complement and reflect them. 

I know and study creative-leaning people. I know and study design. And I am an eternal student of culture. NW10 may just be the partner you've been looking for to reimagine your space. 


“Designing a space is a very personal process so before you share parts of you with me, I’ll share some of me with you.”

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Who is Claudia? In short, an extroverted introvert who loves to laugh, learn new things, and get her hands dirty. I am also a Duke alumna who can be mildly obnoxious during basketball season. You've been warned, hehe. 

What is NW10? I grew up in Harlesden, a London town located in the post code (read: zip code) NW10 (see what I did there? :)). Life wasn't always great, so I relied on the surrounding community to give me what my home did not. I learned just how much spaces could impact one's well-being. It's a part of my design ethos, hence the name. 

Why interior design?  I have always had a vivid imagination, love of writing and making things. That creative shit gets suppressed when your family is West Indian. But when I bought my first home, all of those things really came flooding back and had a canvas on which to live. I was hooked.  So hooked, in fact, that I pursued a third degree in Interior Design to grow my passion into craft.  The rest is history.